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5 Best Triceps Exercises: The Advanced Guide

The Advanced Guide to the 5 Best Triceps Exercises

An arm that pops up at the front but remains flat at the back isn't a great view to watch. Check out this advanced guide, which talks about the five best triceps exercises, which will help you build the triceps muscle mass and the size.
Curl and curl may build your dreams' biceps but won't make your arms look more prominent if you don't bat an eye on the triceps muscle.

Sorry if you felt terrible! But it is true.

5 Best Triceps Exercises: The Advanced Guide

Your dream of having a supersize big arms is only possible if you invest your time training your triceps more than biceps. Many gym-goers start their muscle-building journey with a dream of having a sleeve bursting arm. Many of them know how to build biceps that stand out. But not every one of them gets interested in training the backside of their wings that is the triceps.
When it comes to the triceps exercises, all they know is the pushdown exercises. And some will even do all the triceps exercises they know at once. This kind of approach towards the triceps muscle does nothing but risky injuries and lackluster growth.

Importance of Triceps Exercises

As you already know, and as I previously mentioned earlier, your triceps covers two-thirds of your arms total muscle mass. So no space of doubt building a thick and developed triceps muscle will make your arms look more muscular both from the front and the back.

While talking about the triceps, the horseshoe triceps are considered as the best shape of triceps. But the horseshoe triceps also plays some critical roles in your triceps training day. Horseshoe triceps are very important when performing the exercises like Press-Up and the Bench Press.

Your triceps strength is the main factor while it determines the pressing exercise movements. If you lack triceps strength, your performance in the urgent changes will also be limited, and you will require the required intensity.

Merely saying, your bench press and other presses like shoulder press will only be active as far as your triceps can make it useful.

To make your triceps stronger, you have to train them. Training the triceps will make it more durable and make it more prominent in size by adding the muscle mass to it. So leave those dumbbells on the rack and start training your triceps with these five best triceps exercises.

But before starting the journey. This guide consists of better exercises than other activities when it comes to building the best triceps muscles. This guide is made to prevent you from making poor exercise choices.

If you want to build massive triceps that cover up to two-thirds of your arm's total mass, then this guide about the five best triceps exercises is just for you.

5 Best Triceps Exercises For Maximum Muscle Gains

1.  Close-Grip Bench Press

Like I said earlier, compound exercises are the best muscle building exercises. I have mentioned it earlier too. Compound exercises like bench press for chest and deadlift for the back are the best muscle building exercises that you can do.

The bench press is usually a chest exercise, but you can also train the smaller supporting muscles like shoulders and triceps. Bench Press is a beneficial exercise in building the upper body strength.

You know you are working your arms while you are doing the massive sets of barbell press. I will tell you how.

When you extend your elbows while doing any kind of barbell press exercise, you are targetting the muscles of your arms. Take the example of any powerlifter. You will see that their arms are massive in size. It is just because they do these heavy barbell pressing exercises a lot. A lot of studies say that a bench press with a close grip activates the long head of the triceps muscles better than any other pressing exercises with a barbell.

So we can say that close-grip bench press is the best muscle building compound exercises that you can do for building triceps muscle.

To add muscle mass and size to your arms' back, try doing a close grip bench press. But try to take a grip, which is 5-8 inches apart.

Remember that taking a much closer grip won't train your triceps more effectively. Instead, it will put more strain on your wrist. To perform it in good form, you have to tuck your elbows inside. This will reduce the amount of stress your pecs will feel. It will also increase the pressure in your triceps muscle.
The position of this Workout

As this Workout is a compound exercise, you can do this exercise as the first exercise of your triceps workout routine. Compound exercise should always be done at the beginning of the workout session. It is because compound exercise plays a significant role in triceps muscle activation.

You can perform three sets of 5-8 reps for this exercise.

2.  Triceps Dips

Triceps Dips are a compound exercise. There are many variations of this exercise like the Weighted Parallel Bar Dip, Weighted Bench Dip, and the Triceps Machine Dip.

I prefer doing the Triceps Machine Dip.


Because in the dip machine, you can easily find a weight for your goal. If you want to train for increasing strength, you can pin for the heavier weight, and if you're going to prepare for hypertrophy, you can pin for lighter weight.

Triceps Dips in a dip machine make it easier to perform a drop set, and you can also perform some forced reps. It depends on the intensity of the training.
The position of this Workout

This exercise should be done at the beginning of your triceps workout session. As the triceps dips are a compound exercise and it requires a lot of energy to perform. Performing a compound exercise at the beginning of the Workout is always a good idea as the energy level remains high at the beginning of the Workout.

Talking about the sets and the reps, you can do three sets of 6-8 reps if you are training for strength. And if you are preparing for hypertrophy, you can perform 3-4 sets of 10-16 reps.

You can also perform this exercise as a finisher workout, but the best recommendation would be doing it at the beginning of the Workout.

Going for a full range of motion is the best way to train with this exercise, but most people fail.

3.  Skullcrusher or Lying Triceps Extension

Skullcrushers is also known as a French Press and Lying Triceps Extension. This is an excellent triceps activation exercise you can do to activate the muscle fibers in the triceps and make it ready for the rest of the work.

There are many variations of this movement. But all the changes have one thing in common, i.e., elbow extension. During this exercise, the upper arms are locked in a position that makes the longer head and the lateral head work while doing the extension.

The angle of the bench you are lying plays a decisive role in training the longer head and the lateral head. If you are lying on an inclined bench, you will prepare your triceps muscle's long head. And if you are lying in a declined court, you will train the lateral head of your triceps.

As the skull crushers activate a maximum of the muscle fibers, this exercise becomes one of the most essential triceps exercises that you should do the target the triceps more effectively.

This exercise can be done with an EZ-bar or a small barbell. But you will be surprised to know that a pair of dumbbells can perform the skull crushers.
The position of this Workout

You can perform this exercise for as many sets as you want, but the recommended games will be three sets of 8-12 reps. When you complete this exercise, you have to make it as the first exercise you perform on your triceps day. Or else you can make it second exercise right next to the close-grip bench press.

While performing this exercise, you have to lock your elbows in a position where your elbows won't get much support. So it will be a good idea if you get yourself a spotter who will help you get the weight in the correct working position. The spotter will also allow you to safely perform the movement when you are lowering the bar to your face, the reason why this exercise is called Skullcrushers.

4.  Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extension

Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extension is the best dumbbell triceps exercise you can do to train your long head of the triceps.

The position of the exercise results in targetting the long head of the triceps. Whenever your arms go overhead, it focuses the long head of the triceps. So including an overhead exercise in your triceps routine is always a good idea.

There are three heads of your triceps muscle: the lateral head, the medial head, and the long head. When you train your triceps, the lateral head and the medial head get trained very frequently, but the long head doesn't get the required attention it deserves.

The seated dumbbell extension trains the long head of the triceps. This the reason why this exercise is one of the most essential triceps exercises.

The dumbbell overhead extension is one of the most natural exercises because it is in the seated position. And it is much easier if you are with a spotter or a training partner. A spotter will also help you in doing some assisted repetition.
The position of this Workout

When is the perfect time to do the seated dumbbell triceps extension?

The best position of this Workout is right after the multi-joint exercises. Warming Up with the multi-joint exercises will only make you ready for this exercise.

The sets and the rep range of this Workout should be three sets of 10-12 reps.

The main reason behind doing the seated dumbbell extension is to make the muscle work during the lift's eccentric part. For a good stretch of the triceps muscle's long head, the Seated Dumbbell Extension is done. With proper time, I mean going past the 90-degree angle when you lower the weight.

5. Cable Push Down

Surely you are not surprised by seeing the Cable Push Down Exercise on this list. The most commonly performed exercise on the triceps day is the Cable Push Down.

When performed with a good form, it is one of the best workouts to activate the lateral head. The cable pushdown activates the lateral head of the triceps better than other exercises. It is better than the activities like the skull crushers, dumbbell kickback, etc.

The Cable Push Down is the best single-joint movement that activates the triceps muscle's lateral head. It is only valid if you are doing it with a good form.

When I say good form, I mean not moving your elbows while doing the movement. Your elbows must be in a stationary position on your sides. Don't let your arms move from your hands. Keep your elbow stable in this Workout. If you are not a beginner, it's okay to drift your elbows to have a maximum lateral head stretch.
The position of this Workout

This is an isolation exercise. So the best time to do this exercise is towards the end of your Workout.

You can go for three sets of 10-12 reps for this Workout. You can also choose to perform a drop set on this exercise.
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